Hyundai Pop-up Lounge

For Hyundai we design the first Dutch Pop-up container. Its going to be used for promotion of new Hyundai models that come out. Its a traveling lounge bar to welcome costumers who might be interested. V


  • 20ft ISO container.
  • Hydraulic system for operating the side walls. easy to use!
  • grinding and eco spray-painting Sa 2½ 75 μm Coating 1e laag Akzo zinc 102 Ral. Stnd. 60 μm, 2de laag Akzo cover 522 Ral. Stnd. 70 μm, 3de laag Akzo dur 520 Ral. Stnd. 70 μm
  • placing Logo’s
  • Aluminum diamant plated flooring.
  • Electra system throughout container incl. audio.